Covid 19 guidelines

As our country safely returns to a new normal, Mattress Fundraisers will again take place. While we are excited to get back to serving our schools, groups and communities, we are focused on the safety of our customers, families and staff. Due to varying guidelines between states and counties, each of our 90+ CFS locations will enact safety protocols that meet the specific needs and criteria set forth by regional health experts. See our outline below:

We here at CFS Las Vegas hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

As things begin to open back up, we want you to be aware of the proactive measures we will be taking to ensure the safety of the customers, the faculty and staff of the school, the students, and our own staff.

Here are some of the specific guidelines we are putting in place. Our guidelines will be posted in your fundraiser’s Facebook event, available for distribution to parents, and will be posted on a banner at the event. Procedures will change as state and local guidelines evolve over time:

What are we doing?

- All staff maintaining 6ft distance

- All staff wearing face masks

- Mattresses sanitized before and after event

- Mattresses set up 6ft apart

- Tables for ticket writing set up 6ft apart

- Ticket writing equipment sanitized after each transaction

- Tables equipped with plexiglass safety barriers

Guidelines for Customers

- Maintain 6ft distance

- Limit of 7 customer parties, 3 customers per party preferred

- No hand shaking

- Children must always be handheld

- If you are sick, please do not enter

Additional Resources Available

- Protective pillow covers

- Protective mattress covers

- Sanitizing wipes and spray

- Face masks

Options for Consideration

- Specific time during event for elderly and higher risk customers

- Customers book scheduled appointment times before event

- No-contact mattress delivery as an alternative to in-home delivery and set up

- Alternative locations like churches, if schools not available

We are working hard to proactively plan for upcoming sales and understand that every school’s situation might be different. If you or any school administrator have suggestions or ideas we should consider, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We look forward to serving you and your program again soon!