WHY it works

Why Does The Mattress Fundraiser Work?

Whether it’s your school’s cafeteria, gymnasium or community building, our Dream Team will bring an ENTIRE mattress showroom to you! Our sales are quick and easy, and don’t require the work, cost or zillions of volunteer hours a traditional fundraiser does.

We offer a huge selection of mattress styles and sizes, priced below retail, and offer accessories like adjustable bases, frames, sheets, luxury pillows and mattress protectors from the best manufacturers in the industry. All mattresses are made to order and come with full non-prorated warranties.

The best part about The Mattress Fundraiser is that every sale directly benefits your local school or organization.

Why Does the Mattress Fundraiser Work?

No More Candy Bars!

Traditionally, selling candy bars, cookies and washing cars is a huge amount of effort with very little return. Not to mention managing order forms, money, lost orders and deliveries are a drag… Not everyone needs cookies and candy bars, however a mattress is something we spend a third of our lives on! What better way to raise money than promoting a good night’s sleep?

Why a Mattress?

The average family in the US has over 4 mattresses in their homes, each of which have a life cycle of about 10 years. Not all the beds in a home wear out at the same time, which is why there is a constant market for new mattresses. According to a leading research journal for the mattress & furniture business, 1 in 10 people buy a mattress every single year. This means that your community is in the market for a mattress right now!

Our Philosophy

We give customers a product that they actually need and WANT, at a price below traditional retail, while raising substantial funds for the groups we work with.

  • Your group raises REAL MONEY!

  • Your community saves REAL MONEY!

  • Your group takes on NO RISK! – it costs absolutely no money!

  • Your group will HAVE FUN!